A normal MUD will have a background (theme, plot, story, whatever you want to call it) which a builder is expected to work from. TBA does not have any such background. If you want to build a zone for a MUD then use their background. Otherwise, you may build whatever your heart desires.

I created TBA in October of 2000 on Cruel World which was being run by Zemial and Welcor. I then began combining my own experience with the work of others into an extensive tutorial zone, help files, and examples. Welcor and I ended up seperating TBA from Cruel World to further enhance our training of new builders. Welcor and Fade have taken over the development of Trigedit and contributed extensively to the current version of Oasis OLC. TBA now has many purposes. It fuctions as a test port for Trigedit, Oasis OLC, CircleMUD, and stock CircleMUD zones. And, of course, we are still open to anyone willing to learn, teach, or help develop CircleMUD. We have also teamed up with Zizazat of CWG to combine our efforts.

We are a low stress, no deadline, training environment. Where anyone with motivation can work at their own pace to learn as much or as little as they wish. Numerous people are available to answer questions and give advice.

1000+ builders served and counting.

The most challenging aspect of running a mud is finding good builders. You will hear this from the admin of every mud that has ever been. In the past it has always been up to each individual mud to find and usually train their own builders. This works, but I think the CircleMUD community can come up with something better. That is why I created The Builder's Academy.

We have been open to anyone interested in learning or teaching how to build using Oasis OLC with dg scripts for over 2 years. The current developer of DG scripts, Welcor, uses The Builder's Academy (TBA) as the development port for DG scripts.

No pressure, no deadline, just come and learn or help teach. Give something back to the community we have all taken so much from. TBA is a CircleMUD resource, please submit any "lessons learned" or building tips and hints so we can improve all of CircleMUD. TBA can also be used by other muds as a builder's port for CircleMUD's. Just send us your newbie builders. We will teach them and then you can have them back with the zones they built.

We are always open to anyone willing to learn or help teach so we can improve all of CircleMUD.
- Rumble

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