TBA Staff Survey:
Greater God

Real name: Nathan
Born: 1983
Gender: Male
Location: England
AIM: Heiach
MSN: Heiach

Non-MUD Interests:
I absolutely adore reading, fantasy novels mainly. I'm an avid computer gamer, although I haven't had as much time to pursue it since starting university. I'm currently studying art, although I'm having second thoughts, sure I like sketching, but hmm... I'd rather study something a little more intellectual. I always used to love puzzles, I haven't really challenged myself for a while, but it explains why I love quest scripting so much :)

What other MUDs do you work on or play at the moment?
I tend to work on many muds at the same time, helping with triggers mainly. My main MUD is TBA, although I used to play MUD2 a fair bit. It's a shame that it's gone to pay_to_play. MUD2 is still a very interesting (if not a little tricky) game, although the population has shrunk a bit, since the introduction of payment.

What are some of your experiences learning, building, or teaching in TBA?
I first came to TBA knowing, what I considered, a fair bit about DG scripting. My intention was to become a teacher. I got my wish, but boy was I wrong about how much I thought I knew. Since joining TBA I've learnt *so* much about triggers. They're so fun. I've built a little, but I haven't really done it seriously for a year or so, I hope to get back into the flow at some point.

How long have you been working on or playing MUDs? How did you start?
Around 1997 I was introduced to MUD2 by a friend, who sadly no longer plays any MUDs. I feel that mud is one of the best, as far as first-muds are concerned. It teaches good habits and encourages/rewards puzzle-solving skills. I think he found out about it from an advertisement in a magazine.

What appeals to you about MUD building (coding, administrating . . .)?
As I'm sure lots of other people have said before me; the experience of creating something others can enjoy. I have yet to create an area/zone I'm 100% satisfied with, but I could just have stupidly high standards, hehe. I love it when someone likes something I've written so much that they return over and over again.

The best part of building?
You don't need to ask, scripting! [ 1207] [TRIG] Forlorn Forest Clearing [ INDOORS PEACEFUL ]
Thick pockets of dense mist dot this, the moon-lit forest. As far as clearings go, this one is small and secluded. Infact, it's barely a clearing at all, since the ground is carpeted with moss and the silvery beams of light from the moon barely penetrate the substantial canopy. The branches surrounding this area stretch unerringly toward the center, obscuring the sky just enough to only let a single ray of misty blue light through. A small patch of toadstools decorate the eastern edge of this defoliated sanctuary. In the distance to the north can be spied, through the eternally shifting haze, a quaint, crystal-clear lake. It sparkles and gleams in the soft light emanating from the sole heavenly body in the sky. No creatures of natural birth are permitted to touch the sacred soil. However, a small cluster of giggling faeries dart about in the background, tending to the various exotic plants and orchids. At the middlemost point, where the bright luminous shafts reach the earth, they are interupted by a single stone. This stone, it is perfectly round and the purest emerald green. It glimmers with an incandescent halo that gives it an enchanted appearance.
[1207] [TRIG] Zipping from plant to plant is a cluster of rainbow-colored faeries.

What are you working on right now?
I'm playing with an idea of a trigger-heavy (of course) fortress of some sort. I haven't got far with it yet, but this'll probably be the first one where I've used triggers as much as I'm planning.

What advice would you give a less experienced builder or someone new to TBA?
Don't be intimidated by the size of the application, it's tiny really. Since you're about to start the great journey that is building, and expressing what you see in your mind, textually. If you have a question, ask it! Everyone on TBA is so very helpful. Building is well worth the effort :).

Describe a character you enjoy playing on any game, and why.
I haven't really roleplayed a lot. I'd really love to. I tend to play Heiach as I am irl, boring huh?

Anything else you want to say about yourself?
If you have any questions, particularly trigger-related ones, I'd be more then happy to assist you. If you don't know if something is possible or not, we can certainly find out :). I'm always on the lookout for interesting websites, I need to get back into puzzle-games, if you find a good one, give me a bell.