TBA Staff Survey:
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Name: Jed Muir
Age: 16.5896
Gender: Universal
Location: Australia mate, G'Day

Other contact information:
if i see you, i will kill you

Non-MUD interests:
Not many, man, i need a life... what else is there, i play alot of Half-Life and its mods, cant stand CS though, worst game EVER!!! Girls Chicky Babes Hoes (getting a bit sexist aren't I?) hrmm... Nothing much else...

What other MUDs do you work or play at the moment? What's your position there?
i work and play DragonBall Dark Legacy, maybe soon to be Co-Owner...

What are some of your experiences learning, building, or teaching on TBA?
god, so many good times its hard to know where to begin... I came to TBA to learn, i ended up teaching for a little, then i strted just adminning (not on TBA though, on other MUDs yes.) Rumble and Welcor, you guys are absolute KICK-ARSE dudes, i love you guys Manivo, you advanced me that first time, your cool too i have seen many people come and go, had many political discussions (Rumble...), and many fights (SURGEON!!!)

How long have you been working on or playing MUDs? How did you start?
i been playing muds for almost 6 years. Joined TBA 4.5 years ago. had lots of ups and downs but mostly ups thanks to the good peeps at TBA.

What appeals to you about MUD building (coding, administrating . . .)?
Lots of things. Too many to list. But in short, Administration is all good cause if your decently ranked on a mud ya can tell people what to do (muahahahahaha) but the BIG GOLDEN RULE is DO NOT ABUSE YOUR POWER!!! Those who do are nothing but people on a power trip, sre you can have a little fun, but it must be easily recognised as just that, F_U_N!

Give a sample of something you've built:
log ya butt onto TBA nd go to Zone 57.

What are you working on right now?
Zilch, Nada, Zip, NOTHING! only cause im bored and have no inspiration... j/k, im adminning over at DB Dark Legacy fell free to log on and talk to me at telnet:// blah...

What advice would you give a less experienced builder or someone new to TBA?
LISTEN, there is nothing more important than listening to your teachers, it took me a whole week to learn that, but i still backchat... (I know you and Welcor love it Rumble :D)

Describe a character you enjoy playing on any game, and why.
cant really say, although sometimes i try to impersonate a woman

Anything else you want to say about yourself?
im fat, lazy and sometimes (rarely) uncompromising. its just my nature not to mention im a geek...