TBA Staff Survey:

Name: Izham Syah Mahrome
Born: 1976
Gender: M
Location: KL, Malaysia
Aeon's Website

Other contact information:
yahoo messenger - dagambit@yahoo.com

Non-MUD interests:
LINUX, FLASH, bowling, guitars, and shopping.

What other MUDs do you work or play at the moment? What's your position there?
Administrator of alternate reality MUD. linux.hcme.com.my:4000

How long have you been working on or playing MUDs? How did you start?
5 years. made a mistake of looking at one of my friend's pc screen.

What appeals to you about MUD building (coding, administrating . . .)?
coding to make such a complicated game world.

Give a sample of something you've built:
taken from TBA (my zone):

[16700] Before The Mansion [ NOBITS ]
To the north is a large old house on the top of the hill. A quite wide
marble staircase can be used to climb the hill towards the house. The grass
here are grey and almost looks like dying. There are hollow trees nearby which
seems to sway a bit from the running wind.

What are you working on right now?
working on version 2 of the alternate reality MUD.

What advice would you give a less experienced builder or someone new to TBA?
have a disciplined life before even starting to know about MUDing.

Describe a character you enjoy playing on any game, and why.
cleric is good bcoz is a true follower of the god. although doesnt have the firepower, but can survive with healing powers. good for adventuring type of players.

Anything else you want to say about yourself?
I like to learn and always picture myself as the brain sponge. attempts to suck dry on anything im interested in. i rule in democratic fashion in my MUD and always accepts ideas and also criticism. i always think arguments is good and everything must be taken from a different perspective always.