TBA Staff Survey:

Name: JonPaul
Born: 1981
Gender: Male
Location: California

Non-MUD interests:
Martial arts, Guitar, laughter

What other MUDs do you work or play at the moment? What's your position there?
In process of learning to code at this time, but still buiding, thanks to the staff of TBA!

What are some of your experiences learning, building, or teaching on TBA?
Everyone was patient and kind. I've sent anyone who asked to learn. PERFECT 10!

How long have you been working on or playing MUDs? How did you start?
Playing 5-6 years Building 1-2 years Rp admin 1 year admin 6 months learning to code.

What appeals to you about MUD building (coding, administrating . . .)?
Knowing that I'm working for the players.

Give a sample of something you've built:
Alambil's area on tba

What are you working on right now?
Heh, coding.

What advice would you give a less experienced builder or someone new to TBA?
Re-read the whole intro zone, and listen well. Oh yeah, have fun.

Describe a character you enjoy playing on any game, and why.
Haven't had time to play lately.

Anything else you want to say about yourself?
Well, In process of lifelong life.