TBA Staff Survey:


Name: Nate Winters
Born: 1976
Gender: M
Location: Honolulu, HI
Webpage: http://natewinters.com
AIM: admwint
ICQ: 4822010
MSN: wintersn

What other MUDs do you work or play at the moment? What's your position there?
I am in charge of the administration of TBA. Whenever I get the urge to play a mortal I test out TBA's zones.

What are some of your experiences learning, building, or teaching on TBA?
Read through zone 0 (TBA zone) and all the helpfiles since I have written down all of my experiences and advice there ;-)

How long have you been working on or playing MUDs? How did you start?
Since 1996. I started playing a MUD called Time Warp with Ferret. We eventually recreated the MUD after it closed and I began playing at coding. I taught myself the basics then moved on to Cruel World where I started The Builder Academy with Welcor's help. TBA eventually broke away from Cruel World and is where I spend the majority of my MUDding time and energy.

What appeals to you about MUD building (coding, administrating . . .)?
I enjoy teaching others so they do not have to take the hard road like so many of us already have. Everyone loves to create and leave something behind. I am also a management freak and love managing and improving projects.

Give a sample of something you've built:
TBA: telnet://builderacademy.net:9091

What are you working on right now?
I am solely dedicated to improving TBA right now. So please give feedback on how we can do things better.

What advice would you give a less experienced builder or someone new to TBA?
Take the time to read EVERYTHING. If you are going to do something do it well. Ask educated questions. Remember we all start out as newbies.

Describe a character you enjoy playing on any game, and why.
The underdog, I like to surprise people and/or be surprised.

Anything else you want to say about yourself?
I run TBA because I enjoy teaching people and passing on knowledge. I always enjoy it when people come back or email me saying they are now head builders or implementors with their own MUD and they thank TBA for getting them there. Read the reviews page.