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OasisOLC and Deaths Gate script reference

Mobile Commands


%damage% victim amount
%damage% victim -amount

Cause amount points of damage to victim. The amount can be negative, to create a healing effect.

  Example of use


%door% <vnum> <direction> <field> [value]

Used for adding, deleting, and modifying doors in room #vnum.
Direction determines which door is being changed, and can be north, south, east, west, up, or down. 
If the door does not exist first, a new door will be created. 
Field is what property of the door is being changed. Valid fields are:


remove the exit in the direction specified - no value needed


value will become the new exit description


value will be the new door flags bitvector as defined here:


Exit is a door that can be opened and closed.


The door is closed.


The door is locked.


The door is pick-proof.


value is the vnum of the key to the door in this direction


value is the name of the door in the specified direction


value is the vnum of the room this direction leads to

Example of use


%echo% message

message is sent to all non-sleeping characters in the same room that this script is executing in.

Example of use


%echoaround% victim message

message will be sent to all characters in the room with victim, except victim.

Example of use


%force% victim command

Force the victim to perform a particular command. Cannot be made to force immortals.

Example of use


%load% <obj|mob> vnum

Load the specified object or mobile. Objects loaded by mobiles are loaded into inventory unless the object is NOTAKE.

Example of use


%purge% victim

Remove victim from the game. May not be used on players.

Example of use


%send% victim message

Send message to victim.

Example of use


%zoneecho% <room vnum> message

Zoneecho echoes message to the zone.

Example of use


%teleport% victim location
%teleport% all location

Teleport moves the victim to the target.
The victim does not need to be in the same room as the mob.
If the victim is 'all', all the characters in the room will be teleported to the target room.
No messages are generated by this command.

Example of use


dg_cast 'spellname' [target]

This allows the holder of a trigger to cast spells.
Spells will work for rooms and objects, as well as mobiles.

Example of use


%asound% message

The message is send to all rooms around the mob.

Example of use


%at% target command 

The mobile using mat will perform command in the room where target is found.

Example of use


mforget victim

Remove victim from this mobile's memory list.
See mremember below.

Example of use


mgoto target

Change this mobile's room number to that of target.
Only Mobiles can use this command.

Example of use


mjunk object
mjunk all

The object in the mob's inventory specified is removed from the game.
'Mjunk all' removes all of the objects in the mob's inventory.
No message is sent by this command.
Only mobs may use this command.

Example of use


mhunt victim

The mobile will begin to hunt for victim, and engage in combat upon finding them.
Only Mobiles may use this command.

Example of use


mkill victim

Mkill causes the mob to hit the victim.
It is the same as kill, except mkill works for low level mobs attacking PCs, where kill might not.

Example of use


mremember victim [command]

The victim is placed into this mobile's memory list.
The next time the victim is seen by the mobile, the mobile will perform command if set, or execute the memory trigger if no command was provided.
When the command is carried out or the script executed, the victim is forgotten.
NOTE: Any mob using the mremeber command MUST have a MEMORY trigger attached. It doesn't matter if the Memory trigger is never called (Narg 0).
Only Mobs may use mremember.

Example of use


mtransform vnum
mtransform -vnum

This command causes the executing mob to transform into the mob with vnum.

Positive vnum: Negative vnum:
Hit points stay the same. All statistics are set to those of the new mobile.
Max hit points stay the same. All descriptions change to those of the new mobile.
Experience stay the same. The script is not changed.
Gold stay the same.  
Position stays the same.
All other statistics are those of the new mobile.
All descriptions change to those of the new mobile.
The script is not changed.

The transformation is permanent, though additional transformations may be performed.
No message regarding the transformation is sent to the room.
No load trigger will be executed.
Only mobiles may use this command (naturally).

Example of use

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