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OasisOLC and Deaths Gate script reference


The following part has been contributed by Rumble - The founder of TBA. In it he makes some statements I couldn't have made better myself.

"... but first, our DISCLAIMER:

All descriptions, areas, and ideas for areas submitted to The Builder Academy (hereafter TBA) become the property of TBA. By submitting an area or part of an area the builder expressly gives the administrative staff the right to edit, modify, and use the submitted material as we see fit without any penalty, fee, whining, or obligation of any sort. The builder can request a copy of their work from us at any time. The builder will also be given public credit for their submission and works derived from their submission unless they explicitly request otherwise.


The Few, the Proud, the Builders - What is a Builder?

A builder is a term usually used to describe a person who designs MUD areas for other characters to explore. Any player with motivation, ideas, and good writing style can be a builder as well as a player. This document is suggested reading for anyone interested in creating areas for TBA. 

Building a great zone takes many things, one is time and patience, good grammar/spelling, knowing how to balance your zone, and a lot of work.  Now this all may sound like a lot to do, but I can assure you that with this document, and others help, you can do this with out any problems.  Building was once explained as writing a story for the mortals of the mud.  As you go through the zone, it unfolds into different twists in the plot.   Try imagining writing a small book when writing the descriptions for your zone.  If this doesn't work, do whatever works for you, everyone has their own style of writing zones.

As a Builder, your job is to create the virtual world in which players can roam around, solve puzzles, find treasures, and gain experience.  A Builder creates the rooms, objects, and monsters with which players will interact, defining their textual descriptions, stats, abilities, and other special properties. A Builder should not be confused with the MUD's coder, whose job it is to modify the C code that makes the  server actually run.  A Builder does not need to be a programmer, and building is not programming; building is done by writing data files in a particular format, which this document describes in detail.
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