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OasisOLC and Deaths Gate script reference

Immortal Commands

The following commands are available to Builders:

    trigedit <vnum>     Edits the properties of a certain trigger.

    tstat  <vnum>       Shows - without editing - the statistics of a trigger
                        already in game.
    stat  { mob name | obj name | 'room' } 
                        Shows attached scripts on mobiles, objects and rooms.

    attach              Attach has the following syntax:
                        attach { wtr | mtr | otr } <trigger vnum> { obj/mob name | obj/mob/room vnum } [ pos ]
                        attach { room | mob | obj } <trigger vnum> { obj/mob name | obj/mob/room vnum } [ pos ]
                        attach mob 1299 templar 1 --> attach trigger 1299 to 'templar' in position 1
                        attach wtr 1299 1204 --> attach script 1299 to the immortal board room.
                        NOTE: attach only works on this instance of a mob/object/room, and the
                        script will not be saved- use the script editor
                        within oedit/redit or medit to do that.

    detach              Detach has the following syntax:
                        detach { mob/obj name | 'room' } {trigger | 'all' }
                        detach room all  --> removes all triggers from the current room 
                          -  may be used in conjuction with at ; at 1204 detach room all
                        detach templar 2 --> Remove the trigger in position 2 (seen with stat
                        and in the script menu)
                        NOTE: detach only removes the triggers from this instance of the mob/object/room 
                        - the change will not affect on other mobs or objects of  the same type.

    tlist [low high]    Will show you a list of triggers in your zone.
                        The optional arguments are available to gods only,
                        and allow you to specify a range of triggers to show.


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