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OasisOLC and Deaths Gate script reference

Improved Editor

The improved  editor has the following syntax:

] /h

Help - anything else I can do for you ? :P

] /f

Format the text to 79 columns, remove extra spaces, put spaces after punctuation, use proper case. Use this on extra descriptions, long descriptions, etc. Do not format texts you have formatted (with spaces) already. A sign, for instance, looks terrible, if you format it.

] /fi

Same as format, but indents the first line with 6 spaces. Use this on room descriptions.

] /s

Saves the text and exits the editor.

] /a

Aborts all changes. 

] /c

Clears the buffer.

] /d#

Deletes the line with number #.

] /e# <text>

Edit the line with number #, changing it to whatever is behind the #. Note that formatting is lost in the process.

] /i# <text>

Insert text as a new line before line #. 

] /l

Lists buffer.

] /n

Same as above, but with line numbers.

] /r 'a' 'b'

Replace first occurrence of text 'a' with text 'b'.
Usage: /r 'thing you want changed' 'thing you want instead'
Currently there is no possibility of substituting a '. To do this use /e instead.

] /ra 'a' 'b'

Replace ALL occurrences of text 'a' with text 'b'.
For instance: /ra 'self.vnum' ''

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