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OasisOLC and Deaths Gate script reference

Builder Application for the Academy

Please fill out the form below to apply as a builder on Cruel World Mud.
All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
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Do you use an instant messaging system?* yes, ICQ #
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Have you ever built on a mud before ?*
  No, this will be the first time.
If yes, do you have areas that you built for other muds available for review? Please enter the mud(s) and area(s) name below, if you want.
How long have you been a builder?*
Do you have experience with Oasis OLC?*
Have you done scripting work?*
Yes, DG_scripts
Yes, other script language.
How much time, realistically, do you have on average per week to devote solely to building?*
Have you ever had an important position on a Mud?*
  No, just player.
Newbie assistant
How long have you been mudding ?*
How did you hear about us?*
  The Mud Connector
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Describe three rooms in a medieval/fantasy setting. These can be any three rooms but should reflect the type of descriptions you would use in an area you would like to build. Please fill out all 3 rooms.
1st room description:*

2nd room description:*

3rd room description:*

Do you have an idea of the zone you would like to build? If yes, please describe it.

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